Basic Skin Care Regimen

When looking to improve and/or maintain healthy skin there are so many things to take into consideration. To start off you must have a strong regimen to support your goals. Although with so many products and uses for those products it can easily get overwhelming finding what’s best for you! Below we have listed 6 simple steps to building a skin care regimen for any skin type. Following these steps and keeping consistency will take your skin to new heights!

  1. Cleanse 

Before attacking the issues with your skin you must start out with a clean foundation. When wearing makeup, you are going to want to use your makeup remover first. This will assist your cleanser with having a better chance of removing oil and dirt from your pores. After removing your makeup start by dampening your face with water. So simply wetting your hands and patting the water into your face. This will help your cleanser to have an easier slip and mobility when massaging the product into your skin. Work the product to the outside frame of your face in a massaging motion. This is essential for moving lymph to the appropriate lymph nodes. In other words draining toxins that live under our skin and if not drained properly may cause breakouts. This is incredibly important for acne and oily skin types. 

  1. Tone

After removing your cleanser you are going to want to tone your skin. Toner has many different benefits. The first pro of toning is giving your skin a second cleanse. You may notice that although you just cleansed your face the toner may have removed even more build up from your pores. Along with the deep cleaning its assisting in balancing your skin PH. Health goes deeper than just physical appearance. Every time you put water on your face it’s throwing off the balance that your skin is supposed to be at. Toning will put your skin back to its proper PH. There are also specific toners that have other benefits built in to help your skin even further. Knowing your skin type plays a big role in knowing which may be best for you. The toners may range from hydrating, to removing dark spots, to purifying. All geared toward different skin types. Talk with your local esthetician and see what’s best for you.

  1. Exfoliate 

Exfoliation is the most commonly missed step and nearly the most important step to do. Exfoliating is needed to remove dead skin from the outer surface of your skin. This will immediately change the texture of your skin by simply removing the scales and layers of build up. Exfoliation needs to take place twice a week, every 3-4 days. When removing dead skin you are able to let your products penetrate deeper into your skin instead of just sitting on top. Sticking to this regimen gives you the chance of reaping the true benefits of all your products. Along with a smoother and brighter appearance. There are two different types of exfoliation which includes mechanical and chemical. Both are beneficial but after determining your skin type one may be more suitable for you! 

  1. Serum

Serum is one of our secret weapons! These elixirs can transform your skin. Ranging from brightening, to removing dark spots, to evening out skin tone, and much MUCH more. A little of this magic goes a long way. Serums are most likely going to be the most expensive product in your regimen. Although it isn’t required it is very much worth it, especially for problematic skin. This liquid potion gives your skin the boost it needs to repair and reach your skincare goals. If your skin care regimen doesn’t start off with a serum that’s completely fine. Although you should definitely work to invest in one over time. 

  1. Moisturize 

After the prior steps your skin is looking for some hydration. When letting your skin get too dry you run the risk of creating fine lines and wrinkles. Mature skin essentially is just dry skin. Moisturizing will maintain youth and collagen. All skin types need a good moisturizer. Oily or dry your skin must stay hydrated. A Lot of times people with oily skin skip moisturizing out of fear that their skin is already oily. However if you don’t moisturize your skin it will produce even more oil because your body THINKS it’s dry. Aside from the hydration, moisturizer provides a barrier to protect the skin. Locking in all the nutrients and blockin out debris. Most moisturizers are jam packed with proteins and potent ingredients to fight the everyday problems with skin. So you are going to want to read the labels to see which moisturizer fits you best.

  1. SPF

The sun is one of the most harmful rays we can come in contact with. Wearing SPF everyday is essential to protect us from such. Aging is 10% natural and the rest is due to personal care. To prevent aging at an accelerated rate simply wear sunscreen. When not wearing SPF you increase your chances of skin cancer, sun spots, and darkening your current dark spots. SPF is needed for protection and your overall well being.

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