How To Maintain Glowy Skin

Having vibrant, glowing skin is an essential to any look. Although it’s often hard to maintain that with seasons changing, stress, and just everyday life in general. We’ve come to the rescue with some easy life changing tips to achieve and maintain your natural glow for all skin types. 

Facial Steaming 

Facial steamers are good for all skin types. It gives your pores a deep cleanse. It helps with preventing acne and anti aging. This can also be a very soft exfoliation for sensitive skin. This offers your skin the refreshed glowing look it deserves. You can get your own steamer for very affordable prices (target, amazon) Prices ranging from $24.99- $89.99. Don’t feel pressured to get the most expensive steamer, they all get the job despite the difference in the price. 


There are many types of toners for all skin types. What this does is set your face and gives it a bit of protection. It closes your pores, shielding them from being clogged with unwanted chemicals and oils. Toner is to balance your skin’s PH balance. Along with helping with the shrinking of your pores. This will leave your skin revitalized. Toner prices range based on the brand. It’s best to speak with a store representative or your trusted esthetician to find the best one for your skin type. 


This not only will help with the texture of your skin but also the appearance leaving you with a softer, smoother look. With removing dead skin cells this gives products a better chance to penetrate and actually reap the benefits its providing. Exfoliating also assist your skins blood circulation preserving the youth and moving toxins out. This will produce collagen and elasticity also assisting with the rejuvenated glowing look 

Cleaning makeup brushes 

Makeup brushes often hold in a lot of unwanted oils, dirt, and bacteria. Applying this directly to your face may clog your pores, and promote acne. You can avoid this by simply cleaning your brushes regularly. This will even improve the look of your makeup. There’s no specific time frame on when brushes need to be cleaned. It depends on you. We recommend after three different makeup applications to clean your brushes completely. 

Wash bed linens 

Lots of oils,sweat, and bacteria get trapped in our bed in such little increments of time. Our hair alone holds the most dirt on our bodies. Washing your bed linens will eliminate a lot of unnecessary dirt and bad oils sitting on your face waiting to clog up your pores.

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